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We have established ourselves as a trusted directory of Packers and Movers in India over the years. We are committed to provide individuals, families, and businesses exceptional quality packing and moving services for their different relocating needs. You will be very glad to know our unique USPs in the field of packing and moving industry of India.

We are serving people from more than 100 cities of India at their door step when it comes to pick the best and trusted packers and movers at affordable price. We are partnered with some of the topnotch movers and packers companies of India after checking and verifying their credentials in order to deliver the best-quality shifting and transportation services at affordable and genuine rates.

Our main USP is tight screening of packers and movers. We make thorough review and tight screening of packers and movers companies before getting partnered with them. Our member moving companies are fully insured and licensed. They have years of experience in the field of packing and moving of household items and commercial goods as well. They are known for providing exceptional quality relocation services at reasonable rates. We don’t make business with fraud moving companies or who have bad reputation in the industry because of their scam activities or poor quality packing and moving services. With us you can find local moving companies, domestic & nationwide moving companies and international movers as well.

Our Packers and Movers Use Premium Quality Packing Materials to Ensure Safe Transportation

The main priority of our member packers and movers is safety of our customers’ belongings while in transit. And hence proper packing is utmost necessary in order to ensure safety of goods. This is why our associated moving companies use premium quality packing moving supplies and sturdy boxes.

Use of Corrugated Cardboard Carton Box: Our member movers and packers companies use premium quality and sturdy cardboard carton box to pack and provide utmost safety of your delicate goods. These sturdy boxes are ideal for packing and moving of highly fragile or breakable items providing utmost protection to them.


Use of Waterproof Carton Box: Our associates use especially built waterproof strong and durable carton boxes to ship your items from one place to another in monsoon seasons. If you are shifting to a new city in rainy seasons then these boxes can be the perfect option for you. If you plan your move with one of associated moving companies then your possessions will be certainly safe from waters or rains because of waterproof packing.


Use of Corrugated Cardboard Sheets: To provide additional layer of safety to the goods and belongings, our member movers and packers companies use especially built corrugated and hard cardboard sheets. Generally these sheets are used in packing of large packages and improving the durability of the packaging boxes. These sheets are very strong and cannot be broken easily. These are strong enough to protect the goods and items against external damages while in transit. These specialized corrugated and hard cardboard sheets are eco-friendly and reusable in nature. They are made from high-quality recycled craft papers. One of the best things about these sheets is they can improve the efficiency of the packing goods because several things can be packed together in a single packaging.

Use of Corrugated Cardboard Rolls: Corrugated cardboard rolls are similar to cardboard sheets. These rolls are available in 2 ply with thickness of approx. 100GSM. These cardboard rolls or paper rolls are highly effective in packing and moving of fragile or highly breakable items to ensure safety. Our member packers and movers companies use premium quality corrugated paper rolls to ensure utmost safety to fragile items. They use these rolls to wrap fragile items like chinaware, glassware, silverware, antiques, paintings, artworks, table tops, and basic home & office goods. While it comes to pack lots of fragile items together in a large corrugated cardboard box then our movers use these corrugated rolls to wrap each item separately to escalate their safety. By this process, the risk of damages of goods in transit can be minimized. One of the good things about these rolls are these can be used to wrap with goods of all sizes and shapes such as furniture, appliances, and other irregular items.


Use of Air Bubble Wraps: Our member packers and movers companies use premium quality air bubble wraps and bubble pouch to enhance the safety of goods while in transit. When it comes to protect items of high value or fragile items the first thing strikes our mind is none other than the good quality air bubble wrap. Bubble wraps are goods for wrapping and packing of items like glassware, silverware, chinaware, paintings, watches, jewelry, antique items, and rare artworks. To provide utmost protect to goods while in transit our movers wrap items in bubble wraps and whenever required they also wrap in corrugate rolls and then pack them in corrugated hard cardboard boxes. If required they also use cardboard sheets to provide extra layer of safety to goods.


Use of Sturdy Wardrobe Box Carton: Associated moving companies with us use special type of sturdy wardrobe carton which is the perfect box for moving clothes, garments and attires directly from the closet or wardrobe while still on hanger in the box. These types of specific wardrobe boxes are perfect for packing or storing all of your hanging garments and coats right from your closet.


Use of Sturdy Dish Pack Box: Professional movers and packers companies associated with us committed to provide complete safety of your all your household items including kitchen specific items and dishware. They use especially built corrugated dish pack boxes to provide extra strength and protection for your fragile kitchen items and glasses. These boxes are made from a thicker and sturdy carton and provide required support for packing heavy and fragile items like plates, bowls, cups, stemware, vases, lamp bases, electronics, glasses, figurines and objects of art.


Use of Innovative Moving Tools: Our packers and movers companies are committed to provide you unmatched relocation services at reasonable rates. They ensure for safety of goods while in transit and delivering happy relocating experience as well. They use innovative moving tools and essential equipment for an easier move. They use essential equipment and tools like furniture dolly, utility dolly, specific pads, moving blankets, stair roller, quilted furniture protectors & covers, hand carts, moving straps & bands, mattress bags, floor runners, hand trailers, hand truck, and furniture slider.


Special Carrier for Transportation from One Place to Another

Our associated packers and movers in India have their own fleets of transportation vehicles such as trucks, big tempos and mini-trucks for transportation of goods from one place to another. They use especially designed and structured car carriers & trailers for safe transportation of cars from one place to another. They use open carrier and containerized carriers as well as per the requirements and circumstances.

Containerized Goods Carriers: These carriers are used to protect goods against rains or water. There are less change of goods dropped from the shipping vehicle while in containerized goods carriers. Customers must prefer containerized goods carries over the open carriers.


Car Carriers & Trailers: For scratch-free and safe transportation of your car our associated moving companies used especially built car carriers & trailers. They have their own fleets of car carriers and can transport your car or even bike to a new city with utmost safety.


Pet Moving Cage: When you relocate to a new city then you should ensure that every member of your family should be at ease. Not only this, you must ensure safety and proper travel arrangement of your pets like cats, dogs, and other animals. Animals are more sensitive to relocation. The key to successful pet relocation is planning and hiring pet moving service from one of the best packers and movers in your city. Our member companies can provide you appropriate pet moving service at affordable price. In order to relocate your beloved pets they use especially built spacious and airy cages. Not only this, they also take care of your pets while feeding them at proper intervals.

Plants Moving Carriers: You don’t need to worry at all when it comes to move to a new city with your houseplants. Our member moving companies will transport your house plants safely using especially designed, spacious and well-ventilated plants carriers. They pack your houseplants rightly and transfer with utmost care. You can hire affordable plants moving service with us.


Our Movers and Packers Provide a Range of Value Added Services

Fragile Items Packing & Moving: Our packers and movers are expert in packing and shifting of fragile or highly breakable items. They use superior quality wrapping sheets and packing materials to ensure safety of fragile items like glassware, chinaware, silverware, paintings, antiques, and artworks while in transit.


Furniture Moving: Whether it is home furniture or office furniture, our member moving companies can transport your furniture safely on time. They provide affordable yet quality furniture moving service to our customers. They disassemble furniture and wrap them using good quality wrapping sheets or blankets and then pack them properly to ensure safe transportation. At new destination door step, they assemble the furniture again and rearrange properly. If you are looking for affordable yet quality furniture moving service then our movers can provide you significant assistance.


Goods Insurance: One of the main USPs of our member moving companies is goods insurance facility. They provide goods insurance facility on different relocating needs to cover the loss if goods our customers are damaged or lost in transit due to any natural calamity or bad happenings. Hence, if you plan your move with one of member companies then your belongings are insured and safe. It is advisable that you must ask movers for goods insurance especially when you are moving for a long-distance.


Warehousing & Storage Solutions: Many people need a safe place to store their belongings because they have not yet finalized their new destination. To cater the needs of those customers, our member moving companies also provide safe & secure warehousing and storage facility. They have their own warehousing in different cities or have collaborated with some of the good warehousing & storage agents of India. Whether you want to store your belongings for a short period or a long-period, our movers can provide you satisfactory warehousing & storage solution.


Our Strength is Designed and Supported by:

    1. Licensed, reputed, reliable and experienced packers and movers companies.

    2. Affordable yet high-quality packing and moving service at reasonable rates.

    3. Use of premium quality packing supplies to ensure safety of goods while in transit.

    4. Use of especially designed goods carriers for safe transportation of goods.

    5. On time and damage-free delivery of consignments at new destination door step.

    6. Facility to escort to guard items of high value while in transit.

    7. Facility of safe and secure storage of goods for short period and long period as well.

    8. Full assistance in the entire shifting process from start to end.

    9. Standard rates and quick estimation for shifting.

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