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    Where to Shift?

      Where to Shift?

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        We know the value of money thus we provide best services at genuine rates.

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        Trustworthy and high-quality packing relocation services.

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        We have the free cancellation policy in which you can change booking date or cancel your move before the relocation.

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        We will provide you well-equipped and fast shifting services as well.

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        You might need assistance of some expert so we will provide you best customer support till shifting.
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        Where to Shift?

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          Where to Shift?

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            Sofa Packing

            We will make your moving to another place with same comfort at your new home on your same sofa.
            Sofa Packing

            Bed Packing

            Dismantling bed is again the most tiresome task but with us you can make it convenient and reliable.
            Bed Packing

            Car Packing

            Make your car transportation from packing to unpacking at the new location in cost-effective manner from us.
            Car Packing

            Bike Packing

            We understand all the special care necessary to transport motorcycle safely from one place to another.
            Bike Packing

            Office items Packing

            Office has many valuable documents and other essential items so it needs to be safely packed and moves by us.
            Office items Packing

            Expensive item packing

            Your precious and valuable belongings will be transferred safely and securely to your new desired location.
            Expensive item packing

            Moving is a daunting, chaotic, tiresome, troublesome and tedious job to do. It consists of tedious and hectic tasks like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and much more. Home shifting is one of the most tedious tasks to do but this can be easy and fun chore for you if followed the right procedure, tricks and methods. Relocation requires a foolproof planning to relocate hassle freely and safely, even if you have hire packers and movers company still it requires your involvement to execute a hassle free relocation process. Moving checklist will help you to plan and organize the moving process in the most efficient way. A good checklist makes your move easy and simple. Here know how to make a moving checklist and what to include. You have to start it very early right from the day you have heard about your relocation.

            Two Months before Moving Day

            Sort and Purge:

            Inspect your house and go through every room of your house. Categorize your goods that you will be taking along with you in your new home. There might be many goods that you won’t use anymore in future so you must eliminate those goods to reduce extra luggage and extra moving expenses.

            Find Movers:

            Hiring a packers and movers company is also a time consuming task hence you must start finding movers in your locality. You must look for three or more companies so that you will be able to find the right and reliable one under your budget.

            Know Your Budget:

            You must make a moving estimate and stick to it otherwise you will end up with more than your budget. You must know how much it would be cost to move and how much you can afford and plan your move according to it.
            6 Weeks before
            Transfer your bank accounts.
            Go to your children’s school and arrange documents to be transferred to new school.
            Order for packing supplies such as packing tapes, carton boxes, bubble wrap, thermocol etc.
            Take measurements of your new home and the furniture as well to know whether or not they will be easily fit in the new place.
            Discard all the unwanted and useless goods you will not use in your new home. Either sell it or donate it to charity.
            One Month before
            Choose your mover and get a written document including your moving day, cost and other details.
            Start packing your stuff with utmost care.
            Go to near post office and apply for address change and do it online also.
            Inform every one that you are moving like your relatives, friends, colleagues and most importantly your neighbors.
            Two Weeks Before
            Inspect the moving company that how they are doing the packing and make sure they are following your guidelines regarding packing of your belongings if there are any special requirements.
            Confirm that your address has changed, bank account has transferred, have all the moving insurance in place and are ready to move.
            Make sure the appliances are cleaned and unplugged properly to move to the new location.
            Apply for cancelation of all the services you have subscribed like newspapers, cable network, postpaid mobile connection etc.
            Call your moving company and reconfirm the arrangements.
            One Week Before
            Remind your mover of your moving day and reconfirm the arrangements.
            Defrost your refrigerator at least 24 hours before.
            Clean your house.
            Make sure all equipment, appliances and furniture is packed properly.
            On Moving Day
            Make sure everything has packed properly.
            Check your closet and drawers to be sure you are missing anything.
            Make sure you have the keys of your new home with you.
            Be present when goods will be loaded into the truck
            Before the movers will leave sign the bill of inventory and keep a copy with you.