Kitchen Items Packing Techniques


Learn How to Pack Home Kitchen Items for Safe Moving

Going to pack kitchen items on yourself. There can be two types of items in your kitchen: Breakables and Non-breakables. Whether it is breakable or non-breakable, packing up kitchen items can be an easy process if you learn or know the right packing techniques. Here we are going to provide you some useful tips on how to pack breakable and non-breakable items of kitchen. Have a look at these useful packing techniques and pack your items properly to save money on your next move.

Kitchen Breakable Items

For breakable kitchen items you will need to gather all required packing essentials and materials. You may need blank newsprint paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, small boxes, medium boxes, especially built dish-pack boxes, packaging tape, etc.

  1. Wrap all breakable items properly before placing them inside the box.
  2. Use good quality wrapping sheets or bubble wraps to wrap each glass, mug, cup or other fragile items of kitchen.
  3. You can use blank newsprint paper instead of bubble wrap to save money.
  4. Prepare the box for items to be packed.
  5. Secure the bottom with packaging tape.
  6. Put a layer of wrapping sheets or wadded newsprint paper or peanuts on the bottom of the box for cushion.
  7. Put stacks of wrapped plates on the bottom and bowls on the top in the box.
  8. Always place plates in vertical position, never lay them flat.
  9. Repeat the process if you have another bundle of plates and bowls.
  10. Don’t leave empty space inside the box. Fill with wadded papers or peanuts.
  11. Place large items on bottom layer and then place a layer of bubble wrap or wrapping sheets.
  12. Place wadded papers or peanuts between each layer for proper padding between each layer.
  13. If you want to pack glassware in separate box then place wrapped glasses on upright position always.
  14. If you want to pack glassware with other items then place them on the top always inside the box.
  15. Place a layer of corrugated cardboard sheet and another layer of bubble wrap on top and the slides as well.
  16. Fill the sides with wadded paper or peanuts for extra protection.
  17. Make sure there is not empty space inside the box before sealing and taping the box.
  18. Tape shut the box and label it properly with tag “Fragile Kitchen Items.”

Kitchen Non-Breakable Items

  1. Collect required packing materials well in advance.
  2. Gather blank newsprint paper, bubble wrap, wrapping sheets and peanuts.
  3. Collect medium size boxes and large boxes as well.
  4. Buy heavy duty good quality packaging tape.
  5. Wrap pieces of essentials cookware and utensils properly in bubble wraps.
  6. Put blank newsprint paper between items and fill the empty spaces with wadded papers or peanuts.
  7. Pack all other items in the appropriate box and make sure to fill the empty space in the box with wadded papers.
  8. Close the box and tape it, and then label the box “Kitchen Utensils”.

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