Moving Day Checklist


Relocation is a time consuming and tiresome event for everyone. This requires enormous efforts from your side and also consumes lots of money. Moving from one place to another means the hectic and chaotic tasks of packing, loading, unloading, transporting, unpacking and much more. This is so hectic that you cannot take rest until you shift peacefully in your new house. You have to work for this since from the very first day you have heard about it till the last of shifting in your new home. Making checklist not only makes your move easy and simple but also helps you to plan your move to run smoothly. Moving day is a hectic day for all there are so many things to do after all for this day only you have worked since long so even a single mistake will ruin all your hard works. Hence you must have to make moving day checklist otherwise you will create a total mess.

So, here is the sample of moving day checklist for home shifting:

Pack a Bag that Contains Essentials 

Night before your moving day you must pack a bag that carries essentials such as medicines, foods, cash, clothes etc. The essentials packed in this will be useful while travelling as well as the next day of your move in your new house as you just cannot unpack all the essentials immediately.

Prepare Food

If you are covering long distance move then you must have enough foods for you and your family and if not then make snacks or meals for yourself.

Make Sure Everything Has Packed Properly

Checkout all your belongings that have packed and make sure that nothing are left to be packed.  Before the arrival of your mover you must check all your belongings.

Check the Closet and Drawers

Walk through all rooms and check all the closets and drawers that nothing has been left behind. Make sure that every windows and doors are closed and lights are off before moving out of the home.

Be Present While Loading Goods

When your movers will load the goods into the truck then you must be physically presented there to check everything is properly placed on the truck or not and nothing is missing.

Make Inventory List

Inventory list helps you to keep the details of the goods and know what has been loaded into the truck and what yet to be loaded. This will also help you to keep the record of the goods to tally it while unloading the goods and if any is missing then you can file a report against it to your mover. Hence you must keep the inventory list until you unload and unpack your stuff in your new home.

Moving day gives you lots of stress and anxiety but moving day checklist makes it go smoother and easier. Hence you must make a checklist to make things go smoothly and flawlessly.