Common mistakes to avoid during relocation process

As we all know relocation isn’t an easy process we must need someone assistance to make it easier and reliable. While shifting from old location to your new desired destination there are some mistakes that you must avoid in order to make your relocation.

In so much of hectic and chaos, there are chances of mistakes like some things maybe left undone or you might forget some things at your old location so it’s belter to follow certain tips for making relocation or Packers And Movers in Hyderabad hassle-free and best.

Here, at ShiftingSolutions are some moving tips that you must take care of when shifting goods from one location to another. The common mistakes which you have to avoid during relocation process and they are as follows:

Tips for making relocation services affordable

Leaving things for the last moment:

Specially, you should pack your prized possessions and essential documents first and then other belongings. You should make a checklist and take action accordingly.

The first and the foremost thing people do is they panic at the last minute, when things go out of control. Packing and moving is a task that requires lot of time, money, effort, and energy. It needs proper planning, multi-tasking, and doing things on time, so that anything goes wrong you have enough time to sort it.

Trying to do all things on your own:

One of the major common shifting mistakes that people are doing is trying to do it all on your own.

If unavailable, make arrangements for of all the necessary utilities, before moving into a new place and if you own your new house, then learn how to transfer utilities if they are under previous owner’s name.

Not hiring a verified relocation company:

It’s best to hire verified relocation company, as they will make your relocation reliable and easier. The verified relocation company ensures the best relocation experience with full safety and reliability.

Neglecting the need of genuine movers puts everything at risk, because you may knowingly hire a fraud company since you have verified it before hiring.

Not taking pre-move survey from the movers:

The pre-move survey will make your relocation hassle-free, by getting an estimation of the goods to be moved.

In the pre-move survey, the moving company visits your home and checks all the goods and luggage to have an estimate about the shift. They then guide you regarding the shifting process from packing to rearranging of goods.

Not packing firmly:

Packing mindfully and firmly ensures the best moving and shifting of goods. This not only help in getting rid of the unwanted things from your home and entering your new home without any clutter but also helps in packing and moving of goods.

Now, that you’re free of unwanted things so you can easily pack, load, and unpack them at your new desired destination which will make your relocation hassle-free as this will also save your lot of time, money, and energy.

Not counting and labeling of items:

It’s of utmost importance, to count and label boxes as this help to make your relocation hassle-free. You must not leave this task to the Packers and Movers, as they might make mistakes purposely create a mess if they are not genuine movers.

So, it’s better to count and label boxes on your own and label everything neatly, and write it down somewhere, because if you forget to initiate this step, it will not be counted as one of the common mistakes.

Taking no insurance from your moving company:

Insurance coverage in any field will protect you from damages or any genuine faults. Moving insurance will help to make relocation hassle-free.

If anything happens to your goods, the insurance company has to pay the compensation to the customer but if the customer has not availed the relocation insurance, they might get into some trouble if their goods get damaged during relocation as no compensation will be provided in that case.

Letting all the valuables go into the moving truck:

Whether it’s a long distance move or short-distance your essentials items is to move within a definite truck size. These essentials include medicines, extra clothes, food, important office gadgets, etc.

Sometimes, moving trucks go through an unwanted delay that makes the delivery later than expected in that case, if you do not have the necessary items with you, your family might get into trouble. Apart from the essentials keep valuables out of the moving truck for your safety.

These are some of the Packers and Movers common mistakes which you do and you have to avoid them for making your moving process hassle-free and reliable


If you want to avoid making mistakes, you must identify your mistakes firstfor solving it. Whether a bigger and a smaller task it need time, effort, and moneyfor perfection. But still at the end there are some things which couldn’t make it perfection. Packers and Movers will help you to upgrade and make your relocation perfect and before relocation you must read the above mentionedcommon mistakes which you don’t have to do and must keep in mind for making your relocation hassle-free. Committing the mistakes can be troublesome in multiple ways, so take a note of all the mistakes and try to avoid them all for your own benefit. As to make your relocation hassle-free, please fill the enquire form available on this website at ShiftingSolutions, to raise an inquiry for home shifting and get free moving quotes instantly for your shift.

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