15 Things to Do While Shifting Long Distance in 2020

As we are inclining our journey to the new decade, it is important to take a pledge of smarter and easier way of living. The modern living has given us many things and there is no doubt in that. But, despite being a hard worker of the things we should try to be a smart worker.

Shifting Solutions is your one stop destination where you can end your shifting and moving needs at a positive note. Being a service provider with decades of experience, we are much more familiar with people’s concerns and questions during the move.

We are also aware of the common situations which are faced by many people while they shift. So, no matter whether you want to shift goods from Pune to Bangalore or you wish to make a local shifting in Pune, these tips will help you all equally to manage shifting requirements.

Here is the list of 20 things to do while shifting in 2020.

1) Make Plans as Early as Possible

The sooner the better. As soon as you get the news that you are going to change your habitat, it is important to bring the plans into action. Where you would stay, how you would move the things, where you would donate the old stuff; these all comes in the planning part.

2) Stick to Timelines

You are your own boss while shifting. A little ignorance from you can cost you a lot. So, it is suggested to stick to the timelines. For instance, if you have fixed 23rd as the day to pack kitchen items then it should be 23rd only. Any delay can cost more time of yours which you can spend on other important things.

3) Collect as Much Moving Quotes as You Can

Yes, you got it right. Alike other moving companies, we are not saying that you should collect two or three quotes from the packers and movers. It is always better to collect more quotations from packers and movers and then come to a positive conclusion of your research. Comparing fewer quotes would restrict your options and might be you would end up paying more.

4) Hire Trusted Packers and Movers

An important moving tip which you should mark in 2020 as well is to hire a reputed packers and movers just like Shifting Solutions. Go with a company which has adequate years of experience in the field. If you are choosing from moving service providers like Shifting Solutions, then also it is a good choice. From movers portal you can easily know the name of verified and registered packers and movers in that location.

5) Update Important Documents Earliest

Shifting comes with many challenges along with. While moving to a new address you have to face the complete procedure of address change at many offices. Whether it is post office, passport office or banks, it is important to update your new address at the earliest to enjoy uninterrupted services.

6) Go for Moving Insurance

Mishaps can occur anytime. So, it is better to be prepared for any unusual things. Shifting is a procedure where there are high chances of damage or loss to the goods, especially when you are planning a long distance move. It is very important to insure your valuables against any loss of mishaps. This would save you from unwanted losses.

7) Make Inventory List

Shifting your entire belongings from a place to another has many complications. You might lose your ancestral art masterpiece while shifting to the new place and cannot notice it as well. It thus becomes important to make a list of all the items which you are shifting from your old to a new home.

This will help you in two ways. If you are hiring moving companies, this would lead you to cross check the inventory, and if you are moving DIY, then you can eliminate unwanted things by tallying it with the list.

8) Pack According to Your New Home

This is one of the major pain areas in shifting. While people start packing for their new home, they forget that the new home is no similar to the old one (as compared to space). Packing everything and regretting when there is no space for them at the new home is disheartening.

In this way, you will invest your time and money unnecessarily for the things. It is thus necessary to keep your new home’s space in mind while you pack for the things.

9) Make Some Strict Downsizing Decisions

Downsize as much as possible. New home means new opportunity to create a health environment around you. Shifting is probably the time when you can say goodbye to that damaged couch which you have been preserving for ages. It is good if you remove such items from the list and prepare for the new start with new things at your new habitat.

10) Pack First Night Box

If you are hiring packers and movers for shifting your things, then you should be prepared for the unwanted delays. To meet with any situation like this, it is necessary that you should pack the first night box or a bag with essentials of most need first. This is for the safer side plus would also help you settle easily there.

11) Pack Delicate Dishes with Utmost Care

Long distance moving with packers and movers is a big hassle. The only thing that bothers many is unwanted damage. There are high probabilities of damage when you are moving with delicate items to a long distance.

If you have packers and movers by your side, you can assist them to pack the delicate dishes with perishable tags. If you are shifting by own, then it is better to carry the delicate item with yourself of pack them accordingly (if sending in a moving truck).

12) Maintain Decorum While Packing

Shifting is a daunting task, and this is the reason many times people forget decorum of the process and later repent for the same. It is important to follow some important rules like pack one room at a time. Doing so you can pack well without leaving any important thing behind. This room by room packing would also help you in unpacking at the next level.

13) Box Labelling is a Smart Move:

Label your things, especially moving boxes. It happens many times we carry the same color boxes for packing and moving. But what if you wish to open the kitchen box in the middle of the move? Without proper labelling it can become a problem for you to identify the box with kitchen items.

14) Let Packers &Movers Handle Your Requirements:

No matter how perfect you are in managing things, professionals would always be one step ahead than you. This is because it is their daily task. Giving packers and movers the entire responsibility of shifting your things can help you look after other important requirements of moving.

15) Move During Off Season:

Long distance move is not easy, it requires a lot of money, time and patience. Packing during the peak season may cost you a lot of money. To stay away from any such thing, it is better that you should plan moving during off season.

For instance, you can find packers and movers Bangalore to Pune shifting bit busy during April- June. If there is no such necessity, then you can plan your move after June. This would help you save a lot of money. Many moving companies even offer discounted prices during off season.

The Bottom Line

Shifting long distance is a troublesome task. Preparation is the key to success in it. If you wish to relocate safely to your new home, then it is always better to opt packers and movers services. Shifting Solutions is your one stop destination where you can end up all shifting related worries. You can collect free moving quotes from them and can plan your move accordingly. They offer their services PAN India.

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