Washing Machine Packing Tips


How to Pack the Washing Machines for Safe Relocation

You are moving from one city to another city of India. You have decided to pack your home belongings on your own to save considerable amount of money on your move. Packing household goods items including furniture and home appliances can be a fairly easy task if you know the right packing techniques and have knowledge about required packing supplies and boxes. Here, we are going to tell you packing techniques for washing machine so that you can pack your washing machines properly and make ready for safe transportation.

Packing essentials and equipment you will need to pack your washing machines.

  1. Appliance box (corrugated cardboard box carton) of right size.
  2. Corrugated cardboard wrapping rolls or sheets.
  3. Furniture blankets, and padding supplies.
  4. Bucket, packing tape, zippered plastic bags.
  5. Adjustable spanner, and wrenches.
  6. Heavy duty packaging tape.

Let’s understand step by step techniques to pack your washing machine

Step 01: First of all, we recommend you to go through the user’s manual properly. Read the user manual properly to understand how to disassemble or handle the different parts of washing machine. Understand precaution and handling process thoroughly so that you cannot make even a single mistake while packing your washing machine.

Step 02: Make sure to clean your washing machine properly before packing or moving it. It would be a fantastic ideas to run a hot water and a couple of capfuls of white vinegar. This will help remove soap or detergent residue inside the machine. Clean the interior of the washing machine with cotton clothes or towel properly. Thereafter, leave the door of the washing machine open to allow it to dry out before proceeding to pack.

Step 03: Unplug your washing machine properly from the power point and then turn off the water supply taps or pump to the machine. Take out all the accessories and fittings rightly. Using the adjustable spanner or appropriate wrench open the water hoses rightly and disconnect from the tap. Tip the water hose into the bucket to remove any excess water in the hose. Keep a bucket handy to drain out the excess water from the hose. Disconnect the hoses from the watching machine end and wrap in bubble wraps, and keep it in a zippered bag and then place inside the washing machine.

Step 04: Figure out the drainage hose – the point from where the water drains out from the washing machine. Keep a plastic tub handy to drain out any excess water from it. Make sure to hold the hose lower than the level of your washing machine so that you can get most of water out from it. Then tape the hose pointing upwards the back of the washing machine using packaging tape.

Step 05: There are two types of washing machines – front loading washing machine and top loading watching machine. Whatever type of washing machine you have, you need to secure the machine drum properly so that it does not rotate during the transit. You can do this filling it with good quality padding supplies or soft toys and cushions. It would be nice to go through the user’s manual which will teach you how to keep the drum in place while in transit. There can be different instructions for top-loading and front-loading washing machines. Include a pouch of baking soda to eliminate mildew and odor.

Step 06: If you have top-loading washing machine then tape the lid shut properly. If you have front-loading washing machine then close the door properly with appropriate adhesive or packing tape. Secure the lid and electrical cord properly with heavy duty packaging tape.

Step 07: Wrap the corrugated cardboard wrapping sheets or rolls or furniture blankets around the whole watching machines. Make sure your machine is covered completely. Secure blankets or wrapping sheets with good quality packing tapes.

Step 08: You have done a great job. You have packed your washing machine properly on yon own without getting assistance of professional packers and movers. Now your washing machine is ready for move.

Step 09: Take care while loading your washing machine on the truck. Make sure your machine remain upright on board the truck during transportation.

Step 10: Secure your washing machine on board the truck using box straps to prevent any movement while in transit.

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