Small Appliances Packing Techniques


A home may consist many types of small kitchen appliances such as mixer, grinder, juicer, toaster, blender, food processor, electric kettle, sandwich maker, coffee maker, hand mixer, induction cooktops, electric cooker, microwave oven, and pizza maker. On a home shifting it becomes very necessary to pack these valuable appliances properly to ensure safety in transit. You can pack these small appliances easily and effortlessly if you know the right packing techniques. There are certain essentials things you need to know or learn while packing these appliances and to ensure the safety while they are in transit. Have a look at some important tips on how to pack small kitchen appliances properly for safe transportation.

  1. The very first things you need to do is collecting required packing supplies and boxes to ensure secure packing and safe transportation of your valuable kitchen appliances. Packing supplies you may need are blank newsprint paper, towels, linens, bubble wraps, medium size cardboard boxes, packaging tape, labeling stickers, and permanent marker. Always use good quality packing supplies to ensure utmost safety. You must not use peanuts and shredded papers as it can get into the machines (appliances) and cause damages.
  2. Cleaning is imperative. Whatever kitchen appliances you are going to pack and box, clean and dry them properly with clean cotton clothes or towels. It is advisable to read user’s manual before proceeding to pack the appliances.
  3. Before placing appliances inside the box it is imperative to prepare the box properly. Tape the bottom of the cardboard box carton with heavy duty packaging tape and then provide padding to the bottom with a layer of blank newsprint paper or towels or linens. This will protect appliances inside the box against scratches and damages.
  4. Once you have prepared the cardboard box ready, place the appliances inside the box carton and pad them well around using bubble wraps or blank newsprint paper. Always use premium quality padding and cushioning materials to ensure safety of the machines inside the box.
  5. If it is possible, place two or three small appliances inside the box cartoon. Make sure there is no empty space inside the box. If there is empty space then fill the space with wadded blank newsprint papers or other appropriate padding materials. Place another layer of padding materials like bubble wraps or towels or linens on the top inside the box carton for providing extra protection to the appliances.
  6. Seal the box properly with heavy duty packing tape. Stick the labeling sticker on the box and mark it with appropriate tag like “Kitchen Appliances – Fragile”.

These tips are compiled from different sources around the web and prepared by expert moving professionals. By learning and using these techniques you can pack your small appliances rightly like professional packers and movers companies can pack. If you are able to pack these appliances on your own then you will also save a considerable amount of money. You can check out another article “How to Pack Home Appliances to Ship Them Safely and Securely” that will teach you packing techniques for packing large home appliances for moving.

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