15 Things to Do While Shifting Long Distance in 2020

As we are inclining our journey to the new decade, it is important to take a pledge of smarter and easier way of living. The modern living has given us many things and there is no doubt in that. But, despite being a hard worker of the things we should try to be a smart worker.

Shifting Solutions is your one stop destination where you can end your shifting and moving needs at a positive note. Being a service provider with decades of experience, we are much more familiar with people’s concerns and questions during the move.

We are also aware of the common situations which are faced by many people while they shift. So, no matter whether you want to shift goods from Pune to Bangalore or you wish to make a local shifting in Pune, these tips will help you all equally to manage shifting requirements.

Here is the list of 20 things to do while shifting in 2020.

1) Make Plans as Early as Possible

The sooner the better. As soon as you get the news that you are going to change your habitat, it is important to bring the plans into action. Where you would stay, how you would move the things, where you would donate the old stuff; these all comes in the planning part.

2) Stick to Timelines

You are your own boss while shifting. A little ignorance from you can cost you a lot. So, it is suggested to stick to the timelines. For instance, if you have fixed 23rd as the day to pack kitchen items then it should be 23rd only. Any delay can cost more time of yours which you can spend on other important things.

3) Collect as Much Moving Quotes as You Can

Yes, you got it right. Alike other moving companies, we are not saying that you should collect two or three quotes from the packers and movers. It is always better to collect more quotations from packers and movers and then come to a positive conclusion of your research. Comparing fewer quotes would restrict your options and might be you would end up paying more.

4) Hire Trusted Packers and Movers

An important moving tip which you should mark in 2020 as well is to hire a reputed packers and movers just like Shifting Solutions. Go with a company which has adequate years of experience in the field. If you are choosing from moving service providers like Shifting Solutions, then also it is a good choice. From movers portal you can easily know the name of verified and registered packers and movers in that location.

5) Update Important Documents Earliest

Shifting comes with many challenges along with. While moving to a new address you have to face the complete procedure of address change at many offices. Whether it is post office, passport office or banks, it is important to update your new address at the earliest to enjoy uninterrupted services.

6) Go for Moving Insurance

Mishaps can occur anytime. So, it is better to be prepared for any unusual things. Shifting is a procedure where there are high chances of damage or loss to the goods, especially when you are planning a long distance move. It is very important to insure your valuables against any loss of mishaps. This would save you from unwanted losses.

7) Make Inventory List

Shifting your entire belongings from a place to another has many complications. You might lose your ancestral art masterpiece while shifting to the new place and cannot notice it as well. It thus becomes important to make a list of all the items which you are shifting from your old to a new home.

This will help you in two ways. If you are hiring moving companies, this would lead you to cross check the inventory, and if you are moving DIY, then you can eliminate unwanted things by tallying it with the list.

8) Pack According to Your New Home

This is one of the major pain areas in shifting. While people start packing for their new home, they forget that the new home is no similar to the old one (as compared to space). Packing everything and regretting when there is no space for them at the new home is disheartening.

In this way, you will invest your time and money unnecessarily for the things. It is thus necessary to keep your new home’s space in mind while you pack for the things.

9) Make Some Strict Downsizing Decisions

Downsize as much as possible. New home means new opportunity to create a health environment around you. Shifting is probably the time when you can say goodbye to that damaged couch which you have been preserving for ages. It is good if you remove such items from the list and prepare for the new start with new things at your new habitat.

10) Pack First Night Box

If you are hiring packers and movers for shifting your things, then you should be prepared for the unwanted delays. To meet with any situation like this, it is necessary that you should pack the first night box or a bag with essentials of most need first. This is for the safer side plus would also help you settle easily there.

11) Pack Delicate Dishes with Utmost Care

Long distance moving with packers and movers is a big hassle. The only thing that bothers many is unwanted damage. There are high probabilities of damage when you are moving with delicate items to a long distance.

If you have packers and movers by your side, you can assist them to pack the delicate dishes with perishable tags. If you are shifting by own, then it is better to carry the delicate item with yourself of pack them accordingly (if sending in a moving truck).

12) Maintain Decorum While Packing

Shifting is a daunting task, and this is the reason many times people forget decorum of the process and later repent for the same. It is important to follow some important rules like pack one room at a time. Doing so you can pack well without leaving any important thing behind. This room by room packing would also help you in unpacking at the next level.

13) Box Labelling is a Smart Move:

Label your things, especially moving boxes. It happens many times we carry the same color boxes for packing and moving. But what if you wish to open the kitchen box in the middle of the move? Without proper labelling it can become a problem for you to identify the box with kitchen items.

14) Let Packers &Movers Handle Your Requirements:

No matter how perfect you are in managing things, professionals would always be one step ahead than you. This is because it is their daily task. Giving packers and movers the entire responsibility of shifting your things can help you look after other important requirements of moving.

15) Move During Off Season:

Long distance move is not easy, it requires a lot of money, time and patience. Packing during the peak season may cost you a lot of money. To stay away from any such thing, it is better that you should plan moving during off season.

For instance, you can find packers and movers Bangalore to Pune shifting bit busy during April- June. If there is no such necessity, then you can plan your move after June. This would help you save a lot of money. Many moving companies even offer discounted prices during off season.

The Bottom Line

Shifting long distance is a troublesome task. Preparation is the key to success in it. If you wish to relocate safely to your new home, then it is always better to opt packers and movers services. Shifting Solutions is your one stop destination where you can end up all shifting related worries. You can collect free moving quotes from them and can plan your move accordingly. They offer their services PAN India.

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What top 5 things to do before unpacking! Here looks the solution

Relocation in a new home is such a great task and tiring process. Relocation includes many things such as looking for professional packers and movers in Hyderabad, organizing a team, cleaning the old house, looking for a new home, and finally seeing the entire relocation process is smooth and trouble-free.

And once you reach your new house, there are a lot of things to be taken care of. The main task is unpacking the things from a little small item to a heavy item that needs a lot of time and energy. Some people think it’s a fun task and some think it’s a trouble and heavy task.

Whatever your thoughts may be, you have to keep in mind certain things to do before unpacking are –

1) Take some snaps of the new home
It is always a great idea to take a snap of a new home before moving in and unpacking things. Because it will give you a rough idea about the new home, plus where to keep the stuff in an organized way. If it is rented or in a leased property, you should surely take some snaps before unpacking. It tells you whether the house is in good condition or not. You can refer to these photographs later on if you will plan to shift in a new place. You will have the proof to show it to the owner. If any part will be damaged during your stay so that before moving out you can repair it.

2) Replace old locks to a new one
Safety is a must thing before you move to a new house. Especially if it is a rented property. So the first thing you must do before unpacking is to replace the old locks with a new one. so that you can make sure that you, your house and your family are in safe hands.
There are different and good types of locks available in the shop. so choose the best one that suits your new house. If there is any code, password or any alarm system is there, you should quickly change the password and then you can start your unpacking freely and safely.

3)Have a check at the meter readings!

In every house, there is a meter determination where you can check the electricity consumed per month. So before unpacking, check the meter reading whether it’s accurate or not. Moreover, it helps you to track the meter consumption. It also has password reading so make sure to change the password as soon as possible.

It will help you to decrease the misuse or any unwanted happenings.

4) Have a round of your new home!
Have a round of your new home to watch each and every place so that you can get an idea of where to keep the stuff and everything properly in an organized way.

5) Keep your children away while unpacking!
To decrease the time of unpacking, keep your kids away as they might disturb while unpacking and can damage the things and hurt themselves as well. Keep them at the relative’s place for some time.

But before trust on any movers must check the packers and movers Hyderabad charges and then check and compare with other packers and movers for quality of services.

Money to Save Before Moving

Don’t Tip Your Movers If They Do This

The service of moving professionals is always something which is required for the safest move. They are undoubtedly the ones who give the ultimate aid in safe and secure relocation. With the approach of packers and movers in shifting one can easily achieve the target of safe and secure relocation. As they are the one who handle the move without any complications hence most of the people prefer to have them by their side during the process of relocation. They undoubtedly provide the safest ever experience in the move but still many a times it happens that people have bad experience even when the professionals are dealing with their requirement.

Now, when it comes to tipping the movers then it is not all the time that you are supposed to pay them or reward them for their work. If you are not happy and satisfied with their work then simply don’t tip them. In case, your movers do the things that are mentioned here then you should not tip them.

Not On Time: The best characteristic of professionals is that, they are always on time. In case, your movers are not on time and other than this, they are not dealing your requirement as per the time schedule then definitely they need not to be rewarded with anything extra.

Mistreating Household Belongings: You are hiring them for the safety of your belongings, and if they are mistreating your things then definitely there is no reason to tip them.

Showing No Respect to Property: The professionalism in their work would be depicted by the way they would treat your property. If they are not showing respect to your property and your things then what is the use of rewarding them with anything.

Rude and Unprofessional: In case, the movers are rude and unprofessional then also you should not show extra care towards them. They are working for your property but if they are not friendly then you may find problem in coordinating with requirements.

Procrastinating: If they are procrastinating the time, schedule and giving you explanation for the work which is not done then also they really need not to be tipped. You should clearly notice the things before you proceed in paying anything to them.

So, these are few of the situations and scenarios to warn you that what are the times when you should not tip the movers. If things goes on like this with the movers then there is no use of tipping them because if you are not happy finally then why to reward them for your happiness.

This article is presented to you by Shifting Solutions. It is a very trusted platform from where one can find the true and authentic information about packers and movers in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, and all around the country. One can contact the movers for household goods shifting, office relocation, car transportation services, and all other services related to the move.

Packing Tips for Glassware and Fragile Items

Packing up glassware and other fragile items for moving home can be a big challenge for you. But you can make secure packing of all your fragile items like glassware, chinaware and silverware correctly using right techniques. Here are some important tips for packing up glassware and other fragile items and making them ready for shipping. First of all you need to collect required packing supplies such as corrugated cardboard carton boxes, heavy duty industrial packaging tapes, wrapping sheets, old newspapers, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, etc.

  1. Wrap the item in one layer of wrapping sheet or old newspaper or blank newsprint paper.
  2. Thereafter, wrap the item in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Secure the wrapping with a piece of packaging tape.
  3. Prepare the box or carton with a layer of packaging material on the bottom. You can use old cotton clothes or t-shirts or wadded papers.
  4. Place the wrapped items in the box properly and fill the empty spaces with wadded papers or cotton clothes.
  5. Place heavier or larger items first and lighter or smaller ones later inside the box.
  6. Seal the box properly using heavy duty packaging tape.
  7. Shake the box to ensure there is no movement of items inside.
  8. Label the box “FRAGILE ITEMS”.

If you need more protection then use the two-box packaging method. Place the finished box in a larger corrugate cardboard box and fill the empty space with padding material like old clothes or wadded papers. Make sure there is no movement of the inner box.

Hence, you see that packing fragile items or glassware for moving home is a simple and straightforward procedure. Just you need to take care of items; and pack those delicate items using right techniques and right packing materials. If you don’t want to take risk on packing fragile and delicate items then you can get assistance of professional packing service. Professional Packers and Movers can pack all your household items including fragile and delicate items properly. They can pack each and every item of your household correctly and transfer them to your destination place safely on time.

International Relocation

International Relocation with Packers and Movers Delhi

Delhi the national capital of India is one of the most fascinating places to reside in the world. It is a place which gives employment to many, whereas there are students who turn towards the city for betterment in their college life. The city homes a number of people from different walks of the society. As people turn towards Delhi the national capital of India, there are many residents of the city who move to a foreign country for betterment in their life. A move to another country is called as international relocation and when there is a desire to carry goods alongwith, the process becomes much complicated. International relocation is one of the toughest shifting types. Moving to an alien’s land is a challenge and that too with goods is something very difficult. Earlier people don’t use to carry bulk of goods if they were relocating internationally but things have changed a lot.

Now it is no more a hassle for person to shift to an international location with goods. City residents of the national capital of India can take the aid of packers and movers in Delhi if they desire to shift to a new country and wish to carry their goods as well. Now, there comes a big question why international relocation is complicated. In the process of international moving as the distance is long the risk factor increases. With this the item needs to pass through so many security checks, hence one need to make sure that only adequate things are packed. One of the greatest reasons for hiring packers and movers in Delhi for international shifting is that they are aware with the things that are restricted in the foreign country. They inform about it hence save the relocator from losses.

Documentation is one of the very important aspects of international move. Only a knowledgeous person can manage to pass through the process with all the documents ready by his side. Hence when packers and movers are monitoring your international move, there is no more a hassle for you. You can let them pack and move your goods and can expect the safe landing of your items in the next destination. Moving companies provides goods insurance facility. A move with them is always secure. In case any item encounters loss or damage, they will compensate it all and in this way one can rejoice the services of old goods in the new international location as well.


Do These Things When Unpacking Your New Home

Unpacking is the last yet the hardest phase of relocation process. You may have reached safely with all your household stuff at your new destination. And this is now the time to unpack and unfold all your possessions. Unpacking is same as the packing process that requires enormous efforts and time too. This may take you many days but instead of rushing for this you should be calm and manage everything systematically to achieve a great result.

After reaching your destination what will you find is all round is boxes and boxes. You might be disturbed to choose which box to open first. But remember there are many other things also to do before opening the boxes like:

  • Cleaning

Cleaning your home is very much important and your stuff too. Make sure that all the rooms are cleaned properly and if not then do it immediately. This is because, after arranging all the stuff you won’t get time and space to clean out the mess.

  • Decide which room you want to do first

Before opening any box you must know that what you are opening and which room you are going to do first. If it is kitchen then make sure that you are opening the boxes that contain kitchen’s goods.

  • Take Time to relax

After a hectic move, it is important to take rest. You have just come travelling long distance so you must take rest otherwise you won’t be able to rearrange your home. So take at least a few hours one day to do something fun and relaxing.

Set Your Kitchen First

Kitchen is the most important room of our home in fact it is the heart of any home. Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of trying to run a household when the kitchen is still in boxes. You can live without resting on your bed for two-three days but cannot live without food. What you can do to take out pizzas and burgers but how long. So, the very first thing that you need to set is your kitchen. This may take you long so just first unpack all the crockeries safely and place it at its place and then hookup all the appliances like coffee maker, mixer-grinder, etc.

These are the things that you must do when unpacking your new home and this will help you to set your home perfectly. If you have hired professional packers and movers then you don’t need to worry at all as they will help you to unpack and rearrange your home too. But before hiring them you must discuss that you require unpacking services too. And with them you can enjoy easy home relocation and have peace of mind.

Professional Delhi Packers and Movers

Easy and Smooth Moving with Professional Delhi Packers and Movers

Relocation is a daunting and chaotic task that consumes time and lots of means. This requires professional assistance to be done so if you are moving in Delhi then you must hire packers and movers Delhi that can provide you safe and hassle free relocation. Packers and movers are professionals who know the right method of packing and moving stuff hence you must hire Delhi packers and movers to relocate your home.

Moving the goods to the desired location will cost you your time, energy and money.  It needs your involvement to supervise everything for a safe and hassle free relocation.  There are a lot of things to handle while relocating somewhere.  So, better way to enjoy the tedious and hectic procedure of moving and shifting is to hire packers and movers. Whether you are moving in Delhi or outside the city then you must hire packers and movers Delhi for having a hassle free relocation. Packers and movers Delhi are professional and expert in dealing with all type of relocation like household shifting, commercial relocation, office shifting, pets and plants relocation, vehicle transportation etc. They offer you their high quality services in affordable prices and provide you a safe relocation without any hassle. Whether you want to relocate internationally or car transportation or storage facilities all are done by them within your means or budget.

A reliable moving company has trained employees that use the durable and high quality packaging materials that prevent the goods from damages and breakages. They do the same process of packing every day hence; they have become the expert of packing and moving the goods and will do it better than anyone else.  You can avail packers and movers service at best affordable prices and enjoy a safe and damage free shifting with them.

Professional packers and movers know how to pack and move the stuff. But it’s not necessary that all the moving companies are genuine and trustable so you should be smart enough to identify the right packers and movers company in Delhi. For this you can rely on internet for choosing the best packers and movers.  You neither need to go anywhere nor need to spend any money for finding moving companies. You will get free moving quotes at your home only and you can even hire Packers and Movers Delhi sitting at your own comfort zone. So plan your move with one of credible moving companies in Delhi to have happy and completely tension-free moving experience.

Moving Easy and Smooth

How Can You Make Moving Easy and Smooth?

Relocation means moving from one place to another and this is one of the most tedious and hectic task to do. Though moving is a tough and hectic task to do but with some good planning and organized way you can move flawlessly. So, if you will follow few simple steps then you can be able to have an easy and smooth move. Here are the tips to make moving easy and smooth:

Make Strategies

You must know that what are the goods that you will move along with and how?  And for this you have to do planning. Making strategy gives you an idea of how to pack and move stuff and the further procedures.

Start Early

You must start planning of your move as soon as possible. Be it residential relocation or commercial move, the process of relocation is a time taking process and for a safe move you must start planning of it right from the day you have heard about it. Starting early can help you to organize everything on the right time which will lead to a safe and smooth relocation.

Hire Packers and Movers

You know that you can’t do everything alone without the assistance of professionals and experts. So, you must hire packers and movers that can assist you for a safe and easy shifting experience. Packers and movers have trained and qualified employees, who are proficient enough to handle any type of relocation and provide you safe relocation.

Do Online Research

Before picking any removal company you must check company’s website to collect information and also check online reviews of the customers. This way you will be able to hire the right relocation company for moving your home.

Pack Your Personal Stuff

Your personal and important stuffs like passport, Jewellery, documents must be packed by yourself. These are important and small in sizes that also that can be lost so you should be careful for this and pack your personal stuff by your own.

Clean Before Packing

Cleaning is one of the tedious tasks to do but it is equally important too. You might not want to do it after shifting in your new home hence you should clean all the stuffs during packing them so that you don’t have to put efforts for cleaning them in your new place.

These are the tips that can help you to have an easy and smooth move. Follow these and hire the right professional Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad or another city of India for a safe and hassle free relocation experience.

Hire Packers and Movers Company

Should You Hire Packers and Movers Company to Move Your Home

Moving from one place to another is a tedious, daunting, chaotic and stressful event and the one who can get you out of this situation and provide you smooth relocation is none other than professional packers and movers. Well, there is no doubt that hiring packers and movers is the best way to relocate home safely to the desired location. But still it is most often asked question by the people that do they need to hire packers and movers? So, here are some important reasons why you must hire removal company to move your home:


Professional packers and movers are experienced who know how to pack and move the goods and also know how to deal with the obstacles that come across your way while moving and shifting home.


When you hire packers and movers you neither need to arrange packaging materials nor truck to pack and move your stuff. They have all the resources to pack and move your stuff safely at your new home.

Trained Employees

They have trained and qualified employees and all are proficient enough to handle any type of relocation. They know the right method and trick to pack the goods with safety and also deliver the goods safely at the desired location. The trained team leaves no stones unturned to make your move safe and hassle free.

Safety and Security of Goods

If they are well trained and also have the latest tools and techniques to pack and move the goods then you can be very sure that your goods will be safe on their hands. So, you can be stress free with them and can be sure for the safety and security of your possessions.

Time and Money Saver

They have professional teams to pack and move your stuff which saves not only your time but your money too. You don’t need to buy packaging materials or hire vehicle for transporting your stuff which saves you from spending extra expenses.

These are the reason why you should hire professional packers and movers for your home relocation or office shifting. But it is advisable you to find the right and reliable relocation company. After researching about the company you must hire a one who fits best in your budget and requirements. This way you can have safe and smooth relocation with reliable packers and movers at reasonable cost.

Hire Packers and Movers Company

What to Do After Hiring Packers and Movers?

Hiring packers and movers services doesn’t mean that your responsibilities and duties are over. You yet need to work and manage many things that will lead to a safe relocation. Even after hiring packers and movers relocation requires your efforts to supervise a smooth relocation. So, if you have hired packers and movers or your residential relocation then what nest you need to do is the main question. Well, that depends on the time when you have hired them. Though they will pack and move your stuff but there are some important things that you must pack it by yourself. And there is much more things that you need to do after hiring movers for your moving like:

Categorize Your Stuff
You must categorize the goods that you will take along with and what are the goods that you don’t need at your new home because your movers will not gonna do this. There might be many goods that you really don’t need any more and will only block the space at your new home too. So, discard such goods to avoid extra luggage.

Change Address and Transfer Bank Account
It is important to update your address so that you can get your letter and courier deliver at your new address. Also transfer your bank accounts. You know that all the banking works mostly done in home branch so you must transfer your bank account.

Cleaning is very much important when you are moving out from an old home and shifting into a new home. You must clean all your stuff so that your movers will only pack the stuff and so that there will be no fuss to clean the stuff in your new home. You can simply set it at your new place

Start Packing Small Things
The things that you can pack yourself and that must be packed by yourself only you must start packing those things. There are many personal and confidential things that you can’t handover it to the movers to pack it hence you must pack it by yourself like jewelry, passport, documents, etc.

These are the things that must be done by you after booking packers and movers services. Make sure you have hired the right and reliable removal company who can assist you for a safe and smooth household shifting otherwise you can have the worst nightmares ever for the safety of your possessions.